Monday, March 8, 2010

No Regrets

Ups & Downs,
Rights & Wrongs,
Just one life to live…
And I have done it all.

On my terms I live,
In my own space I breathe,
Away from my home…
I have made a living, indeed.

Years have passed by,
And of course I miss my folks,
But this living alone…
Has definitely taught me loads.

From pain to recovery,
From heart breaks to makes,
If someone was to teach lessons on life…
Trust me, I could do it without re-takes.

Passion for Life,
Craze for Work,
This was the driving force for me…
That let me survive the days that were a whore.

All I do now is accept life as it comes,
Sway to the beats and choose my own moves,
Some are Right, Most are wrong…
But my life has its own charm, and I regret not one of its moods.


SheriffShooter said...

not bad at all

Divya Chadha said...

Thanks :)

sashank manohar . said...

my personal favorite .. i can imagine all of it happenin ..

Divya Chadha said...

thanks sashank... :)...m happy u realte to...its a hugeee compliment!