Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Fairy Tale

With eyes filled in Hope,
And arms wide open,
I stand here by the shore…
And await my Prince through destiny’s door!

Each year that has passed by,
Each moment that is lived,
I have loved the thought of being loved,
And dreamt the fairy tales that were once the bedtime beloved!

Will I get a glass shoe?
Or will it just be a magic kiss?
I know he is somewhere around,
And awaits my love for him, as much as I wait for him to be found!

He could be tall, or maybe just too dark…
He could be witty, or maybe not the kind to leave a remark…
But whoever he will be,
I know for a fact, he would help me embark!

Embark on a journey called Marriage…
And walk with me through the path into a new life.
He will be the one I would owe everything to…
And earn in return the new, much awaited title of being his Beloved Wife!