Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The price I choose to pay...

Maybe its not you...
Its just me...
Maybe you are perfect...
Its me who needs to see...
Maybe you are the smart one...
Its me who needs to grow...
Maybe your practices are right...
And my existence is just not meant to be!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If it’s You, it’s a Yes!

Will he knock at the door?
Or would he just pass by!
Would he smell different?
Or just say a mesmerizing Hi!
Oh My Lord, whoever he would be,
He should make my soul fill with joy and heart fly high!

Will the night stars shine bright
Or would the sun refuse to rise,
Will I hear violins in background?
Or would I just begin to cry
Oh My Lord, Whatever I may feel
It should be just the perfect moment of life

Will he bend on his knees?
Or would he just write it down
Will I get roses?
Or would a ring just pop out
Whatever the words maybe
Whichever the day it is
Oh My Lord, If it’s from the man who loves me from his heart
My answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Fairy Tale

With eyes filled in Hope,
And arms wide open,
I stand here by the shore…
And await my Prince through destiny’s door!

Each year that has passed by,
Each moment that is lived,
I have loved the thought of being loved,
And dreamt the fairy tales that were once the bedtime beloved!

Will I get a glass shoe?
Or will it just be a magic kiss?
I know he is somewhere around,
And awaits my love for him, as much as I wait for him to be found!

He could be tall, or maybe just too dark…
He could be witty, or maybe not the kind to leave a remark…
But whoever he will be,
I know for a fact, he would help me embark!

Embark on a journey called Marriage…
And walk with me through the path into a new life.
He will be the one I would owe everything to…
And earn in return the new, much awaited title of being his Beloved Wife!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Jus for you...

You are the reason I breathe,
You are the reason I see,
If you had not wanted me here,
I would have never got the life I lead.

From those 9 months in you,
To the 22yrs with you,
Each moment I live, each day I see,
I just thank God for giving you to me.

The first step I took,
The first word I said,
You were always with me Maa...
And I know you always will be.

You are the friend I have,
You are the idol I need,
When people say I resemble you,
I just feel proud and say, Yes! Indeed.

God is not always so kind,
Nor is luck so strong,
But I am sure I did something good in my past,
That this birth I am made your daughter Maa.

As I grow old,
And you think of sending me away,
I always live with the fear...
Of the day I will have another home to stay.

My life started with you,
And I want it to be that way...
My good, my bad, you were always the one,
And this is the home, where I always want to stay.

You are my God,
You are my prayer,
I think I have never said it enough,
But today is the day, I want you to know, I care.

Maa, you are my strength,
And my best friend for life,
If it had not been you,
I would have regretted each second till I die

I thank God on this day,
For making me the lucky few,
If being a mother is to be as perfect as you,
I wish someday, I am a mother too.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Some relations just don’t have a name,
Some relations just play no games,
You’ll never know what to call them
Yet it seems so acclaimed.

One such relation is mine
In no time I had thrills run down my spine
He seems to be the only one around
And all I hear is wedding bells and wine

I craved for his looks
I waited for his attention
All I knew is I loved him
And wanted him to say ‘I Do’ without convention

He gave his first glances
I had to hold my breath
We kept turning every minute
I was just waiting for chances

I didn’t know his present
I Knew no past
My future was with him
All I prayed was for the love to last

There was the final moment to say
He held my hand and took the first turn
‘I belong to someone already’,
My heart skipped a beat and began to burn

I love you a lot sweety
He looked into my eyes and said
I wanted to be his soul
But my body felt helpless and mind became dead

It’s been ages now
And we still hold hands
Our love is deep within
And I have accepted him without any strands

Each minute we spend
Each kiss I get
My cheeks begin to blush
And eyes go wet

I don’t care about the world
Do not know the rights and wrongs
If destiny has plans for me
All I have to do is stay patient and be strong

The love is infinite
We don’t give it a name
All we know its pure
And we have no one to blame

I will live for him
With dreams in my eyes
Wedding bells will ring; I will also be a bride
If God has his will, one day we will also have the traditional ties...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Kiss

He looked into my eyes
And I felt my heart skip a beat,
His fingers rushed through my hair
And all I knew it was time for a treat.

As he came closer,
Our breaths fell in love…
With his hands around my waist,
I begged my watch to stop, and let time take a bow.

Our lips were so close,
The space between felt shy…
I draped my arms over his neck,
And he pulled me closer, Oh My!

The touch of his lips took me into another world,
With my eyes closed, I was living a dream, unsaid, untold.
We embraced in each other for long and time just flew by,
The first kiss of love is a glory in the heart, until you die.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Chance

If Life was to give me just one more chance,
If life was to give me just another tune to dance,
If there was just one button to press,
I would rewind and re-start just a few pages from my past.

Mistakes I made are seldom the ones to learn from,
Times I changed are never the ones to return on,
But all that I did was part of my growing,
And if not totally satisfied, my soul has definitely grown up to be too strong.

My life is a story to tell, an experience to live,
It’s had its own twists and turns with every move having a reason to give,
But if your life is even an inch closer to mine,
Then akin to me, just take another chance and ask God to forgive.

Monday, March 8, 2010

No Regrets

Ups & Downs,
Rights & Wrongs,
Just one life to live…
And I have done it all.

On my terms I live,
In my own space I breathe,
Away from my home…
I have made a living, indeed.

Years have passed by,
And of course I miss my folks,
But this living alone…
Has definitely taught me loads.

From pain to recovery,
From heart breaks to makes,
If someone was to teach lessons on life…
Trust me, I could do it without re-takes.

Passion for Life,
Craze for Work,
This was the driving force for me…
That let me survive the days that were a whore.

All I do now is accept life as it comes,
Sway to the beats and choose my own moves,
Some are Right, Most are wrong…
But my life has its own charm, and I regret not one of its moods.