Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is this Love?

Is this Love??
I smile every now and then,
I look at him and my knees bend,
Each day I spend with him…
Each word we talk…
Feels like a moment,
God has specially sent.

Is this Love?
I look into his eyes and my heart screams with glee,
I cuddle into his arms and my spirits set free,
Each touch of his…
Each glance he gives…
My seductive desires,
Just beg and plea.

Is this love?
Those nights I spent, crying alone,
Those fights we had, when nothing was told,
Each tear that dropped…
Each sob I took…
Just made me closer to him,
And my feelings grew more bold.

Is this Love?
I see him everyday and spend the nights in dreams,
My Life is complete, atleast that is what it seems,
He is the one I have…
He is the one I need…
If this is what is love,
Then Yes, I am in love, Indeed.


Abhinandan said...

nice poems..

shalim said...

Hi, I happen to read ur blog. You have a wounderful flow of words. You are gifted...Its seems your are badly in love with a guy as it reflects upon all your entries. Why have you stopped blogging no new entries for months. Is it because you are busy in love?

Divya Chadha said...

@ shalim: well thanks for commenting... but i would definately like to correct you on one thing. My poems are based thoughts and imaginations, and definately not my personal experiences, me being in love or not, has unfortunately no connection with my writings