Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is this Love?

Is this Love??
I smile every now and then,
I look at him and my knees bend,
Each day I spend with him…
Each word we talk…
Feels like a moment,
God has specially sent.

Is this Love?
I look into his eyes and my heart screams with glee,
I cuddle into his arms and my spirits set free,
Each touch of his…
Each glance he gives…
My seductive desires,
Just beg and plea.

Is this love?
Those nights I spent, crying alone,
Those fights we had, when nothing was told,
Each tear that dropped…
Each sob I took…
Just made me closer to him,
And my feelings grew more bold.

Is this Love?
I see him everyday and spend the nights in dreams,
My Life is complete, atleast that is what it seems,
He is the one I have…
He is the one I need…
If this is what is love,
Then Yes, I am in love, Indeed.