Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bleeding Heart

Why do I fall in love?

Why do give away all I have?

Why don’t I just let my feelings fly?

Why don’t my relationships also read ‘Conditions Apply?’

What is it in you that drives me so crazy?

What is it about you, that your disappearance makes my life so hazy?

What words do you say that leave the impact?

What cast do you spell, that turns me away from the fact?

Why do I again let my heart dream?

Why don’t my emotions just stay in and not scream?

Why can’t I just stay withdrawn?

Why can’t I simply ‘Move On’?

Questions remain, Answers refrain.

Who do I blame this time?

My destiny for playing on me, yet again?

But for someone who loves,

For someone who dreams,

If fate chooses this way to punish,

I am all ready to survive, with a heart that bleeds.