Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If it’s You, it’s a Yes!

Will he knock at the door?
Or would he just pass by!
Would he smell different?
Or just say a mesmerizing Hi!
Oh My Lord, whoever he would be,
He should make my soul fill with joy and heart fly high!

Will the night stars shine bright
Or would the sun refuse to rise,
Will I hear violins in background?
Or would I just begin to cry
Oh My Lord, Whatever I may feel
It should be just the perfect moment of life

Will he bend on his knees?
Or would he just write it down
Will I get roses?
Or would a ring just pop out
Whatever the words maybe
Whichever the day it is
Oh My Lord, If it’s from the man who loves me from his heart
My answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!