Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is this Love?

Is this Love??
I smile every now and then,
I look at him and my knees bend,
Each day I spend with him…
Each word we talk…
Feels like a moment,
God has specially sent.

Is this Love?
I look into his eyes and my heart screams with glee,
I cuddle into his arms and my spirits set free,
Each touch of his…
Each glance he gives…
My seductive desires,
Just beg and plea.

Is this love?
Those nights I spent, crying alone,
Those fights we had, when nothing was told,
Each tear that dropped…
Each sob I took…
Just made me closer to him,
And my feelings grew more bold.

Is this Love?
I see him everyday and spend the nights in dreams,
My Life is complete, atleast that is what it seems,
He is the one I have…
He is the one I need…
If this is what is love,
Then Yes, I am in love, Indeed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ur the only side I know...
Ur the only direction I need...
My love for you is beyond words,
All I know is,
It resides really deep.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Life is so strange
With goods and bads always in the range.

You feel so lost
You feel so lonely
But then just a miracle,
And he seems to be the one and only.

He says yes,
And you smile with glory
He says no,
Yet you narrate no defensive stories.

Everything seems beautiful
All so complete
Each day of yours is lived for him
And nights become a treat.

As months go by
You feel the negatives within
He reacts for everything you do
With emotions not cared for and spilt into the bin

Tears flow down
Suffocation surrounds your soul
You still love him
But his ego stays out of control

Insults become a routine
Violence is all that remains
Days go by
But the relation seems to have no path
and is overflowing with pain

You know you have to let him go
The heart cries in pain
Both are madly in love
But some stories just flow down the drain

Every soul comes with a destiny written
You would never know if he is the one
When God has different plans in mind
All you are left to do is nod a yes and say it’s done.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am the Soil

I am the Soil…
With a history so royal…
A past of gold,
And an age that is really old.

From wars to struggles…
From singles to snuggles…
I have seen it all,
And grown, despite the juggles.

A land so vast…
Filled with cultural blast…
I value every corner,
Each person and even the most visited foreigner.

With Ghats on the west…
And Plateaus to the east…
Surrounded by water,
I am every traveler’s feast.

Wildlife and parks…
Forests and barks…
Hill stations so pretty,
I also own an arc shaped city.

The queen’s necklace…
The city that doesn’t sleep…
Mumbai is the feather in my cap,
With the will power and zeal to grow, so deep.

Money is minted here…
From Dollars to Euros…
Sensex is the daily bread,
The ups and downs in the bureaus.

A state with passion…
And cities at top rank in fashion…
You would know me only if you visit,
Maharashtra…the soil that grows with compassion.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ride of Life

You’ll never know what will happen,
You’ll never know who will come,
All you can ever wish…
Is that there is a special one.

You wish this when you’re young,
You wish this as you grow,
The only time you would feel it…
Is when you reap and sow.

He is before you,
But you can hardly see,
He is your special one…
But when will he say that to me.

You dream about him all day,
And wish he is just yours,
Friends tickle you and tease…
It’s the moment you’ve waited for.

Your past has faded away,
He is the reason now,
All you wish from life…
Is the love ride and bliss of ‘WOW’

He is all you want,
And everything would be complete,
Just say the 3 Golden Words…
And life’s ride but be a gratifying treat.

Saturday, March 7, 2009



When friends turn foes,
Your mood just swings from highs to lows.

That someone close,
That someone special,
Is now all gone,
And you are nothing but the side thrown empty vessel.

There were times;
When she was the one,
You told her everything about your past, present
And even the illegal son.

She was whom you believed
And confessed to all the time,
But she was not as you thought,
She did commit the crime.

Your marriage was at stake,
Your partner wanted the break,
She was the only one, who could change,
Your husband and his mind with varied range.

She eyed him since school,
But you didn’t know;
You trusted her all the way;
While she just used you.

Secrets were leaked,
Dark spells were casted.
You were betrayed,
And he was whom she always wanted.

Now you’re alone;
With neither him nor her,
Like a peel of banana,
You are just carelessly thrown.

For people to comment;
For society to disown.
As life just slips over you,
You are left with nothing
But those sad memories of your own.