Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Some relations just don’t have a name,
Some relations just play no games,
You’ll never know what to call them
Yet it seems so acclaimed.

One such relation is mine
In no time I had thrills run down my spine
He seems to be the only one around
And all I hear is wedding bells and wine

I craved for his looks
I waited for his attention
All I knew is I loved him
And wanted him to say ‘I Do’ without convention

He gave his first glances
I had to hold my breath
We kept turning every minute
I was just waiting for chances

I didn’t know his present
I Knew no past
My future was with him
All I prayed was for the love to last

There was the final moment to say
He held my hand and took the first turn
‘I belong to someone already’,
My heart skipped a beat and began to burn

I love you a lot sweety
He looked into my eyes and said
I wanted to be his soul
But my body felt helpless and mind became dead

It’s been ages now
And we still hold hands
Our love is deep within
And I have accepted him without any strands

Each minute we spend
Each kiss I get
My cheeks begin to blush
And eyes go wet

I don’t care about the world
Do not know the rights and wrongs
If destiny has plans for me
All I have to do is stay patient and be strong

The love is infinite
We don’t give it a name
All we know its pure
And we have no one to blame

I will live for him
With dreams in my eyes
Wedding bells will ring; I will also be a bride
If God has his will, one day we will also have the traditional ties...