Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Jus for you...

You are the reason I breathe,
You are the reason I see,
If you had not wanted me here,
I would have never got the life I lead.

From those 9 months in you,
To the 22yrs with you,
Each moment I live, each day I see,
I just thank God for giving you to me.

The first step I took,
The first word I said,
You were always with me Maa...
And I know you always will be.

You are the friend I have,
You are the idol I need,
When people say I resemble you,
I just feel proud and say, Yes! Indeed.

God is not always so kind,
Nor is luck so strong,
But I am sure I did something good in my past,
That this birth I am made your daughter Maa.

As I grow old,
And you think of sending me away,
I always live with the fear...
Of the day I will have another home to stay.

My life started with you,
And I want it to be that way...
My good, my bad, you were always the one,
And this is the home, where I always want to stay.

You are my God,
You are my prayer,
I think I have never said it enough,
But today is the day, I want you to know, I care.

Maa, you are my strength,
And my best friend for life,
If it had not been you,
I would have regretted each second till I die

I thank God on this day,
For making me the lucky few,
If being a mother is to be as perfect as you,
I wish someday, I am a mother too.


srishti said...

Beautiful is the word, indeed!


Nice Post..Mother is the most pricious on this earth...!
srinivasa rao sappa