Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ride of Life

You’ll never know what will happen,
You’ll never know who will come,
All you can ever wish…
Is that there is a special one.

You wish this when you’re young,
You wish this as you grow,
The only time you would feel it…
Is when you reap and sow.

He is before you,
But you can hardly see,
He is your special one…
But when will he say that to me.

You dream about him all day,
And wish he is just yours,
Friends tickle you and tease…
It’s the moment you’ve waited for.

Your past has faded away,
He is the reason now,
All you wish from life…
Is the love ride and bliss of ‘WOW’

He is all you want,
And everything would be complete,
Just say the 3 Golden Words…
And life’s ride but be a gratifying treat.


sarasyal said...

ahem ms.goth..
whoz d guy????? :O

Divya Chadha said...

lol...no 1....jus random thoughts

Karry said...

Who is the guy div..


Divya Chadha said...

u should be knwing....;)