Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Life is so strange
With goods and bads always in the range.

You feel so lost
You feel so lonely
But then just a miracle,
And he seems to be the one and only.

He says yes,
And you smile with glory
He says no,
Yet you narrate no defensive stories.

Everything seems beautiful
All so complete
Each day of yours is lived for him
And nights become a treat.

As months go by
You feel the negatives within
He reacts for everything you do
With emotions not cared for and spilt into the bin

Tears flow down
Suffocation surrounds your soul
You still love him
But his ego stays out of control

Insults become a routine
Violence is all that remains
Days go by
But the relation seems to have no path
and is overflowing with pain

You know you have to let him go
The heart cries in pain
Both are madly in love
But some stories just flow down the drain

Every soul comes with a destiny written
You would never know if he is the one
When God has different plans in mind
All you are left to do is nod a yes and say it’s done.


Karry said...

Nice and its true ,but sometimes we can change the destiny of what we need exactly .that's what i believe in..


Divya Chadha said...

i deeply agree... :)

sashank manohar . said...

i amazing how a few words can bear so many emotions .. love this one .

Divya Chadha said...

thanks sashank... :)