Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life Moves On...

I am the Power,
I am the Passion,
I am the Inspiration...
To write in any Fashion.

I am the Emotion,
I am the Belief,
I am the only way…
You can ask for relief.

I know you well,
Your past I’ll tell,
Each exam of yours…
The way you fell.

Each word you wrote,
Each sentence you made,
I know it all…
I was your aid.

Your life moved on,
I walked along,
And together we entered…
The world of love and belong.

It was a whole new day,
We were by the bay,
And you wrote the first love note…
To your soul mate.

I felt the love,
I felt the care,
You gave it all to her…
In that romantic flair.

Your life moved on,
I again walked along
And together we entered the world of commitment
And passion, though not for long.

It was a world of adversity,
And you needed a friend.
In all that diversity…
I was the only one at your end.

I remember the nights
You kept me all awake…
And pressed me hard,
Against my own mate.

You wrote and wrote
And I was tired,
Until the last minute,
When your wife actually fired.

That was the night of pain and rain,
You had decided to let the relation drain.
You picked me up, as I screamed No…
But then heard you say…
Please let her go.

The sign on papers…
The other man who came to take her,
I wrote it all…
In your life book called Vapors.

I wrote it all,
Both ecstasy and brawl…
The experiences of life,
That made you stand tall.

Your life moves on,
And I walk along…
As we enter the new world,
And sing our own song.

I am still with you,
Experiencing the saturations and hues…
The lessons that life has taught,
Both me and you.

Your thoughts are free and out of that den,
You can always count on me…
I am your Pen.


natarajamani said...

nice yaar!
feels like you found some one!!!

Divya Chadha said...

no...they are jus thoughts....nthing specific...

Scribbler said...

impressive work.

liked the flow

Perhaps, you could think of a better title (jus my perception)

keep it rollin ;)